ISMF Scope of Work and Ways of Assistance

ISMF Scope of Work

Assist the Syrian government and contribute to the development of overall policies and provide institutional support for implementation.
1.Economic planning and implementing the EU-Syria Association Agreement. 2. Sector-specific policies for the productive sectors.
3.Institutional modernisation of key economic agencies.
4.Quality, availability and use of information in policy making.
5.Citizen-oriented utilisation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in government.

ISMF Ways of Assistance :

1.Direct Interventions: implemented by the PICU experts:
Provide hands-on technical assistance.
Conduct studies, workshops, study tours, conferences and round tables.
2.Outsourced Interventions:
The PICU arranges for assistance, through outsourcing, to specialised consaltants. Utilis the overall ISMF budget.
3. Mobilising EU Funds for Training, Study Tours and Services
The PICU arranges for the following activities, financed by the EU fund at is managed by the State Planning Commission (SPC):