ISMF Project Organisation

The implementation structure includes the Steering Committee, the Technical Committee and the Project Implementation and Coordination Unit.

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides strategic orientation for the ISMF project and monitors its implementation. It also provides coordination with the main Syrian government institutions. The Committee is headed by the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and includes the Ministers of Finance, Economy and Trade, Industry, Agriculture, Transport, Communications and Technology, and the Head of the State Planning Commission. The Committee meets at least once a year and discusses the Annual Work Plans (AWP), the Overall Work Plans (OWP), the Annual Reports and the Budget submitted to the Committee by the Project Implementation and Coordination Unit (PICU) upon initial endorsement by the European Delegation in Damascus. The authorities responsible for the project are the European Commission and the State Planning Commission for the Syrian Beneficiaries .

The Technical Committee

The Technical Committee consists of senior level officials from the concerned ministries who work with ISMF experts on professional issues. The Committee is chaired by the ISMF Director from the State Planning Commission.

The Project Implementation and Coordination Unit (PICU)

The PICU is responsible for the implementation of the project whilst conforming with the objectives and the approved Overall and Annual Work Plans. The PICU includes three senior long-term experts and support staff forming altogether the Technical Assistance Team in the Project Management Unit. The Technical Assistance Team assists the beneficiaries in the provision of technical expertise tasks, coordinates the work of short-term experts in various fields of activities and cooperates with activities of other donors to avoid duplication.