ISMF Main Achievements

In coordination with the selected ministries and agencies, the PICU oversees and provides strategies and orientation for different ISMF projects and subprojects. The PICU role is key in the Development Phase; it supervises and coordinates all ISMF activities and interventions, guides the TA teams and provides direct and customised consulting and assistance upon request.

List of beneficiaries

Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) State Planning Commission (SPC)
Ministry of Finance (MoF)
Ministry of Economy and Trade (MoET)
Ministry of Industry (MoI)
Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)
Ministry of Transport (MoT)
Ministry of Communication Technology (MoCT)
Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS)
Electricity and Media sectors

Relationship with Beneficiaries :

Within each beneficiary there is a task force working with technical committee members in order to facilitate and guide the work with the ISMF experts. Technical assistance is demand driven. Work begins when a beneficiary agency requests a project or a study. Work is done in coordination with the PICU and the beneficiary ministries.