10.Provide guidance on key functions of economic policy development and planning and on the characteristics of these functions and hold round table meetings on key economic issues.

11.Arrange prioritised training and education of selected government staff and provide internal and abroad training for selected number of government staff in different business areas.

12.Develop an approach for public administration reform.

13.Introduce strategic planning and Strategic Organisational Development processes in the key beneficiary agencies.

14.Establish change management units and implement pilot projects on introducing the ISO quality system to the Damascus Directorate of Finance and consumer protection at the Ministry of Economy and the role of SPC.

15.Train senior managers in high-level management skills and conduct institutional modernisation on culture and structure, HRD and HRM, systems and procedures (the subproject: Institutional Modernisation and Capacity Building).


16.Improve government procurement systems and skills

17.Develop regulations and guidelines on security and standardisation of ICT (the subproject on ICT).

18.Develop, field-test and disseminate Citizen Service Centres (the subproject on ICT).

19.Provide necessary ICT equipment and services to selected Ministries.

20.Ensure visibility of reform, the government modernisation efforts, ISMF activities and the EU technical assistance.