Development Phase

1.Improve and consolidate indicative planning, promote its use at the national and sector of level and ensure monitoring.

2.Develop proposals to modernise the Ministry of Industry (restructuring and training).

3.Develop, field-test and consolidate an approach towards dealing with State- Owned Enterprises, through a pilot initiative (the subproject on the corporatisation of the SOEs affiliated to the General Organisation for Food Industries).

4.Enhance the capacities of the Ministry of Transport through designing a database for transport, preparing a study on urban transport, supporting the creation of a policy advisory unit in the Ministry of Transport, reviewing the MOT structure, strengthening the capacities of designing and implementing private-public partnerships contracts and, finally, enhancing GoS capabilities to benefit from the country’s location as a major transport corridore to the Middle East (Multi-Model Transport Subproject).

5.Submit recommendations on the need to introduce an electricity pricing policy.

6.Develop selected capacities to explore various opportunities created by the AA, how to benefit from them by developing the trade enhancement study and sanitary and phyto-sanitary requirements study.

7.Ensure the capability to produce and disseminate regular key economic data through publishing the Syrian Economic Trends Bulletin.

8.Establish the National Information System for Economic Development (NISFED) as a subproject of the ICT Project.

9.Enhance the capabilities of the Central Bureau of Statistics to collect and produce data.