2.Building Institutional Capacity

This is key to ensure efficient and effective institutional mechanisms to put policies and plans into practice.

To ensure that GoS institutions have the capability and capacity to implement and apply the policies and plans towards reform, the following five objectives need to be met:

Government implementation of public administration reform..
Capability of agencies to change according to plans and priorities..
Agencies able to target their efforts and balance resources and plans.
Agencies apply modern management tools and organizational arrangements..
Alternative models for service delivery in place and practiced to ensure the above objectives.

These two core sets of strategies are supported by relevant strategies:

1. Awareness and visibility:
This is to ensure broad-based knowledge about and support for economic reform and its implications for different economic factors as well as about the future benefits and costs of such reforms.


2.Guide, manage, coordinate and monitor all interventions:
This is the core task of the PICU, guided by the Steering Committee, Contracting Authority and the EC delegation. This also ensured long term sustainability of different components established by the ISMF programme.