Development Phase

The ISMF Development Phase aimed at providing assistance to the Syrian government for more focus and flexibility in implementing economic reforms. This was handled through two ways:
Contributed to developing coherent strategies for economic and sector reforms aimed at establishing an effective social market economy.
Strengthened the capacities of key agencies in the field of designing and implementing these reforms, and helped elaborate a legal and regulatory framework

Building on the outputs of the Preparatory Phase which designed and developed a number of projects and interventions, 4 subprojects and 15 framework contracts were contracted and 20 action plans were implemented.

There are two core sets of integrated strategies during the Development Phase:

1.Enhancing Economic Policy Making and Planning

This component is essential for ensuring a well-defined and informed sense of direction for GoS and its institutions. This was especially with regard to the allocation of public resources, overall and lower-level planning and monitoring of progress in project implementation against the plans and policies interpreting this objective into actions.

In order to develop sound policies, ensure their constant elaboration and enable monitoring of their implementation, the following objectives should be realised:

Implement the relevant FYP objectives serving as the basis for public finance management.
Develop annual plans and update them regularly to implement, amend and expand the FYP.
Take informed measures towards economic reform, which guide sector policies regulations and organisations.
Provide coherent economic cross-sector planning with clear task allocation among different institutions.