The Preparatory Phase

During its Preparatory Phase, the ISMF elaborated and designed the projects which were implemented during the Development Phase. In addition, many studies about economic planning and the implementation of the EU-Syria AA were prepared. New concepts were introduced and optimal solutions were tailored regarding State-Owned Enterprises, transport strategies, e-government applications and the optimal utilisation of the media and communication tools to support the reform process.

The most significant results of the Preparatory Phase were:

Developed and implemented an economic modernisation strategy and the methodology of developing the FYP using the indicative planning approach.
Developed a coherent sector policies and strategies and designing subprojects to support the industry and transport sectors.
Developed a legal and administrative framework for economic activity.
Developed an Institutional Modernisation Strategy especially in key economic agencies and designing a subproject to modernise them.

Enhanced Institutions capacity to Implement and Monitor the Association Agreement.
Developed an in-depth export promotion report. Designed the ICT component project which covered the development of the National Information System for Economic
Development (NISFED), preparation of the Citizen Service Centres (CSC), an e-government intervention, and setting the ICT standards.
Developed an Awareness and Visibility Strategy.